domenica 25 aprile 2010

Tailor made fragrance

Custom made is the last frontier of luxury and Torino Style had a chance to taste it at "L'Unique: laboratoire du parfum by Cosmoprof": a team of Fragrance and Creative Designers from Fragrances Resources and Centdegrés has offered to Cosmoprof visitors an olfactory itinerary created by famous Christine Nagel (Director of the Fine Fragrances Department at Fragrances Resources) to give us a chance to understand the synergies and sensations at the basis of the creation of a fragrance, and thus to create a unique fragrance, custom-made according to tour own taste and sensations.
Along with a “nez” from ISIPCA Versailles who explains their characteristics, you start by testing the 5 main olfactory families (citrus, chypres, fruity, woody and oriental). Once you have chosen your favourite family, the “nez” gives you to sample another five elements: vanilla, pepper, jasmine, patchouli and rose. Depending on your sensations he chooses the elements to add to the base and creates your own “perfect” fragrance, the one the is just like you and you always feel like wearing.
And that is not all: the fragrance is bottled in a custom-designed bottle created by Elie Papiernik (creative director of the design agency Centdegrés), and packed in a box chosen by the client together with a card to re-create the perfume once you have used it up!
An interesting experience and a lot of fun!

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